Many a times while working on Sybase Replication environment, application users reach out to DBA team asking for replication flow details for specific tables. In such cases, we can supply table name in below given query to get table level replication flow details.

select convert(varchar(20),d.dsname)+ "."+convert(varchar(15),d.dbname) "SRC_SRV.SRC_DB",
convert(varchar(20),rd.dsname)+ "."+convert(varchar(15),rd.dbname) "TGT_SRV.TGT_DB",
substring(o.phys_tablename,1,35) "Table_Name",substring(objname,1,30) "Rep_Def",substring(subname,1,30) "Subscription","Table" as "Repl_Type"
from rs_subscriptions s,rs_objects o, rs_databases d, rs_users u, rs_repdbs rd
where rd.dbid=s.dbid
and s.objid=o.objid
and o.dbid=d.dbid
and s.rownerid=u.uid
and o.phys_tablename='<Table_Name>'
— provide table name here

Sample Output:

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