Below query needs to be run on RSSD database to check Sybase table level replication details.

select SUBSTRING(db1.dsname,1,20) as SRC_SRV,
SUBSTRING(db1.dbname,1,20) as SRC_DB,
'—>' as direction,
SUBSTRING(db2.dsname,1,20) as TGT_SRV,
SUBSTRING(db2.dbname,1,20) as TGT_DB,
SUBSTRING(ro.phys_tablename,1,40) as 'SRC_Table',
SUBSTRING(ro.deliver_as_name,1,40) as 'TGT_Table'
from rs_databases db1,
rs_databases db2,
rs_subscriptions sub,
rs_objects ro,
rs_sites rs1,
rs_sites rs2
where ro.objid = sub.objid
and db1.dbid = ro.dbid
and db2.dbid = sub.dbid
and db1.dbid != db2.dbid
and rs1.id = db1.prsid
and rs2.id = db2.prsid
and db1.prsid in (select id from rs_sites, rs_config
where rs_sites.name = rs_config.charvalue
and rs_config.optionname = 'oserver')

Sample Output:

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