Many of us would have never thought that Microsoft would ever introduce SQL server on Linux platform as they had always preferred GUI over Black screen window 🙂 In recent times, quite a good number of organizations have started exploring and using SQL Server On Linux platform and they are surely enjoying using this platform.

SQL Server 2019 On Linux is doing pretty well in the market but it has got certain limitations as compared to SQL Server 2019 on Windows platform. Definitely, as more and more Organizations start using SQL on Linux and feedback to Microsoft, these limitations will get reduced. For more information on limitation , you can refer Microsoft Page

AreaUnsupported feature or service
Database engineMerge replication
 Stretch DB
 Distributed query with 3rd-party connections
 Linked Servers to data sources other than SQL Server
 System extended stored procedures (XP_CMDSHELL, etc.)
 Filetable, FILESTREAM
 CLR assemblies with the EXTERNAL_ACCESS or UNSAFE permission set
 Buffer Pool Extension
 Backup to URL – page blob2
SQL Server AgentSubsystems: CmdExec, PowerShell, Queue Reader, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS
 Managed Backup
High AvailabilityDatabase mirroring
SecurityExtensible Key Management (EKM)
 AD Authentication for Linked Servers
 AD Authentication for Availability Group (AG) Endpoints
ServicesSQL Server Browser
 SQL Server R services1
 Analysis Services
 Reporting Services
 Data Quality Services
 Master Data Services

Additionally, there are some other limitations mentioned below.

  • Bulkadmin server role is not supported on SQL Server 2019 on Linux.
  • We cannot use Server name more than 15 characters.
  • We can install only 1 SQL Server instance on Linux host.
  • SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) is not available on Linux but we can still install it on any Windows platform and connect it using host and port.

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