Replicate minimal column property plays important role in Sybase replication performance. if this property is not defined within replication definition, replication server will replicate all columns for a modified row, even those values that have not been modified, thus it can severally impacts replication performance.


UPDATE employee SET fname="ram" where EMPID=70

Replication will convert the command as below,if minimal column property is not defined

UPDATE employee SET fname="ram", surname='yadav', address="Surat",
phone="24543345" where ID=70

But in case, if replication minimal column property is set, only the 'fname' data change is replicated. This reduces the queue size, processing time of the repserver and increases throughput.

How to set replicate minimal column for existing repdef:

alter replication definition <repdefname>replicate minimal columns

How to set replicate minimal column for new repdef:

create replication definition <repdefname>
with primary at ASE_SRV.DB
with all tables named 'table1'
fname char(20),
surname char(20),
Address varchar(255),
phone varchar(50),
replicate minimal columns

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