Problem Description:

ERROR #1028 DSI EXEC (944(1) ASESRV_WS.db) – dsiqmint.c (
3059) Message from server: Message: 3701, State 1, Severity 11 — 'Cannot drop the table 'tmplogic', because it doesn't exist in the system catalogs.
H. 2021/01/21 16:45:35. THREAD FATAL ERROR #5049 DSI EXEC (944(1) ASESRV_WS.db) – dsiqmint.c (3066)
The DSI thread for database 'ASESRV_WS.db' is being shutdown. DSI received data server error #3701 which is mapped to STOP_REPLICATION. See logged data server errors for more information. The data server error was caused by output command #3 mapped from input command #1 of the failed transaction.
2021/01/21 16:45:35. The DSI thread for database 'ASESRV_WS.db' is shutdown.

Problem Resolution:

1>resume connection to ASESRV_WS.db skip tran


The above error occurs if there is a user transaction trying to create a temporary object using "select into", which is a non-logged operation, and that operation will not be replicated in a warm standby replication. After that, the user program may try to drop or truncate that temporary table, and on the DR side, the DSI will shutdown, as the object does not exist there.

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