Pre-Upgradation Tasks –

  1. Make sure the Unix SA's have installed the correct Package ASE 15.7
  2. Keep the srvbuild sample resource files ready for the current ASE and Backup server
  3. RUN DBCC for all the databases to make sure no database is corrupted.
  4. Backup all the databases including system databases as well as the following system tables in master database and preserve them: sysusages, sysdatabases, sysdevices,
  5. Check if there are any proxy databases.
  6. Backup all DDL (disk init, create database, create proc, trigger, views, indexes). BCP out of sysusers,sysalternates of all the databases.
  7. Ensure that the procedure cache size is minimum 12000 (2K pages)
  8. Copy the existing $SYBASE directory by using tar –cvf and save it in SAVE Directory.
  9. Backup RUN * files and *.cfg files.
  10. Save the output of sp_cacheconfig, sp_poolconfig, default data cache size, named cache if any etc.
  11. Comment the crontab during activity.
  12. Disable any monitoring for the server during Upgradation.
  13. Please check if any reserved words used in the current server.
  14. List down all the procedures which are using obsolete functions.
  15. Create JAVA PCI Database as per instructions from SYBASE.
  16. Send the list of obsolete functions to the Application Team and also the list of Procedures which are using them.
  17. Ensure the login you use for Upgradation should have sa_role, sso_role & mon_role.
  18. Copy the following files from the older ASE version to new Sybase version. $SYBASE/interfaces,
    $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/.cfg,$SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/config/libtcl.cfg and
  19. cd /optware/sybase/$SYBASE/ASE-15_7/upgrade and run the pre-upgrade utility. Example
    preupgrade –Sservername
  20. Fix all reported problems, & run preupgrade cleanly before beginning the upgrade process

Upgradation Tasks:

  1. Make sure all the users are logged out and no one is using the server.
  2. Set the OLDSYBSE, OLDSYBASE_ASE and OLDSYBASE_OCS environment variables to point to the old installation of ASE.
  3. Turn off all the database options, except tempdb has "select into bulkcopy" and trunc log on chkpt turned ON.
  4. Make sure the master device is minimum 120 Mb and tempdb is at least 50 Mb.
  5. Make sure Old server ASE 12.5 server is up and running.
  6. Edit the sample resources file sqlupgrade.rs by first copying it by another name . It is located in $SYBASE/SYBASE_ASE/init/sample_resource_files directory.
  7. Execute the SYBASE.sh of ASE15.7
  8. Execute sqlupgraderes from $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/sqlupgraderes –r resource file.
    Log file location : $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/init/logs.
    Example : – $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/sqlupgraderes –rsqlupgrade.ResourceFile.rs
  9. Run the installmaster, installcommit, instmsgs.ebf.
  10. Upgrade the backup server also.
  11. Take dump of all databases

Post Upgradation Tasks:

  1. Check the version by select @@version.
  2. Also do sp_configure "update version"
  3. Do a health check. Check the error logs. Check that no database is offline or in single user mode. Change the dboptions back to the pre-upgrade options in case you have changed it.
  4. Check if there is any orphan logins.
  5. Verify procedure cache allocation after upgrading.
  6. Check the procedure cache requirements.
  7. Verify data cache allocation after upgrading.
  8. Set the password policy option to "allow password downgrade" to 1.
  9. Take backup of master database and Run DBCC on all the databases at least the system databases.
  10. After the servers are built, it is recommended that
    you drop all the SP's, views and triggers and recreate all of them..
  11. Re-create the SP's which had obsolete functions after making relevant changes.
  12. Start the cron jobs. & start monitoring.
  13. Compare old and new cfg files.

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