Zombie process is a process that shows up in syslocks but not in sysprocesses table. we need to either reboot the sybase server or use dbcc lock_release option to clear the process(to be done very carefully), else it can cause database corruption.

select spid from syslocks where spid not in (select spid from sysprocesses)


Here, spid 71 is Zombie process.

1>select * from sysprocesses where spid =71

(0 rows affected)

1> sp_who '71'
2> go

(0 rows affected)

1> sp_lock 71
2> go

fid spid loid locktype table_id page row dbname class context.

  0     71         122 Ex_intent                      345677888           0      0 abc           Non Cursor Lock
  0     71         122 Ex_intent                      564567889           0      0 abc     Non Cursor Lock

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