Below query can be run on RSSD database server to check MSA (Multi Site Availability) replication flow details in Sybase.

   select convert(varchar(20),src.dsname)+"."+convert(varchar(20),src.dbname) as "Primary SRVR.DB",
          convert(varchar(20),trg.dsname)+"."+convert(varchar(20),trg.dbname) as "Target SRVR.DB",convert(varchar(20),dbrepname) as "DBRepDef",
          'MSA' as Type
     from rs_databases src, rs_databases trg, rs_subscriptions sub, rs_dbreps ro, rs_sites srs, rs_sites trs
    where ro.dbrepid = sub.objid
      and src.dbid = ro.dbid
      and trg.dbid = sub.dbid
      and src.dbid != trg.dbid
      and src.ltype in ('P','L')
      and trg.ltype in ('P','L')
      and srs.id = src.prsid
      and trs.id = trg.prsid

Sample Output:

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